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Benefits of Jogging

Benefits of Jogging

Everyone is well aware that regular exercise has a significant impact on our overall well-being. The type of exercise that we are engaged in can bring about its own unique set of benefits. The specific benefits associated with regular jogging are as below –

  1. Helps in Weight Loss Jogging basically boosts metabolism and burns approx. 300 calories in 30 minutes. A healthy diet along with regular jogging will melt those extra inches that you have always wanted to shed. It not only burns fat but also helps in maintaining weight. But in this case a simple calculation of maintenance calories played an important where a person has be in calorie deficit in accordance to his maintenance calories. By doing this body will begin to break down body fat to supply the body with a continuous stream of energy. While nutrition will play a large role in a negative energy balance, exercises like jogging will burn a significant number of calories and consequently contribute to weight loss.
  2. Helps in improving bone strength - Jogging maintains bone health. When you begin jogging, the bones experience some amount of stress and load. Jogging prepares the bones to bear this additional stress which it starts to endure on a regular basis. Jogging strengthens the bones and prevents bone trauma and injuries. It improves bone thickness and wards off problems like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also makes the bones of the hip and the spine stronger.
  3. Helps in developing muscles - Jogging helps body to become more toned and sharp. It works on the large muscles like - hamstrings, calf etc. There are a number of muscles that must constantly contract in order to bring about the movements required for jogging. The muscles of the lower extremities such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves are primarily responsible for bringing about motion. Increasing the strength of the muscles will have a positive impact on how you move and your risk of injury.
  4. Keeps the Mind Healthy - Jogging plays a major role in improving the mental health of the person. When you jog, your body releases hormones called endorphins that help lift your spirit and make you feel positive about yourself. And that is why you feel calm and rejuvenated after jogging.
  5. Good for our Heart - Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular activity that boosts the health of your heart. Jogging ensures that blood is pumped faster to the heart and, thus, maintains blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood glucose levels are also under control.

When you exercise, the body responds with the demands of the exercise by increasing heart rate and breathing rate. The purpose of doing so is to continually provide the working muscles with oxygen-rich blood that they can use for energy. This increase will also allow for the removal of waste products from the body such as carbon dioxide.
By regularly jogging, the strength and function of the cardiovascular system become more efficient.

  1. Boosts the Respiratory system – Just like any other aerobic workout, jogging enhances the lung capacity and strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system. This ensures that the lungs take in more oxygen and efficiently remove carbon dioxide. Jogging, thus, improves the endurance of the respiratory muscles.
  2. Prevents from Communicable Diseases - Jogging is known to stimulate the production of lymphocytes and macrophages that combat infection in the body. It helps to fight viral infections like flu and common cold and also some bacterial infections. Regular exercise contributes towards strong muscles and bones and therefore, the risk of developing a muscle and bone wasting disease is also reduced.
  3. Curbs Mental Stress - It reduces stress and tension and also clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts. Jogging has a positive impact on people and changes their attitudes and outlook for the better. Research has consistently indicated that aerobic exercises can significantly boost one’s mental health and prevent the development of mental health illness. For those who do struggle with a mental health illness, such as depression and anxiety, jogging can help to reduce the symptoms.

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