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Nutritional Support for Healing from a Bone Infection

Nutritional Support for Healing from a Bone Infection

What should I eat if I have a bone infection? This is an important concern for almost every 1 out of 3 patients about what to eat if they have any health issues. Well, you will move out of this place with the right answer from an expert orthopaedic doctor. 

As per the orthopaedic doctor, the nutritional support for healing from a bone infection works as another pillar of the health foundation after the medication and treatment. Proper nutrition prevents the limit from becoming a chronic issue and also supports recovery and healing. But what are the ingredients we should include in our diet and how much would be suitable? 

In this blog, we are covering what you should consume if you have osteomyelitis or a bone infection. Also, what is osteomyelitis, or bone infection? Because it is not a problem that should be out of discussion. 

What is osteomyelitis or bone infection? 

Osteomyelitis is a medical term that is used to describe major and minor bone infections. The bone infection can be acute and if you overlook the situation, it might be chronic for an individual. The staphylococcus bacteria, like other infections, are what cause the bone infection. 

Osteomyelitis is a serious issue that needs prompt action and it is advised to get this bone treatment from a proficient +. The chronic osteomyelitis treatment takes 6 weeks but the acute one probably takes 3–4 weeks. You can find many orthopaedic clinics in Pune and also top orthopaedic doctors, but choose whom you find relevant and credible. 

Symptoms of osteomyelitis

Common symptoms of osteomyelitis are fever, pain, irritability, swelling, redness, and tenderness. If you have found any one of those symptoms, then connect with the right orthopaedic doctor for a better patient experience. 

As per the nutrition doctor, here are the following items that you should include in your diet to improve bone infection: 

Nutrition plays an important role in the building and proper functioning of body parts. The proper amount of nutrition supplied to the body gives us energy and improves our condition after any kind of treatment. From tearing and wearing to building up the bones, nutrition covers everything. Take a look at the type of nutrition you should have in your diet to fight bone infections. 

  • Protein 
  • Vitamins C, D,
  • Zinc 
  • Phosphorous
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants 
  • Hydration
  • Probiotics 
  • Limit processed foods like sugary beverages and alcohol. 

Also, if you have bone infection issues, then hire the best dietitian in Baner who can help you bring the right nutrition to your table. Our daily consumption plan changes when there are any health concerns. In particular, an individual must consume the above-mentioned nutrition if he or she is facing bone infection-related issues. 

How can a dietitian help with a bone infection? 

Apart from setting up your food platter, the dietitian will help you in the following ways: 

  • Assessing the nutrition needs

During bone infection, it is important to take a proper analysis of the nutrition intake and how you will fulfil it. As per age, gender, activity, body type, and stage, the nutrition needs of each and every person will be different. To serve the purpose of nutrition to each and every body part, a guide from the best nutritionist is crucial. 

  • Creating a personalised diet plan

The body type of each individual is different, so it is crucial to create a personalised plan that complements your body's needs. But not everyone knows the requirements of their body. In this situation, only an expert nutritionist can assist you better. They analyse the whole body and create a plan as per their current health situation, age, body type, and stage. A personalised diet plan includes the diet that is on demand for your body as per your comfort and flexibility. 

  • Provide guidance on regular consumption

What are we consuming and where can we stop limiting consumption? All of this needs to be considered and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are someone who needs guidance on nutrition-related queries, then hiring a nutritionist won’t be a tough call. Especially if you have osteomyelitis, then the proper amount of nutrition should be prioritised. 

  • Educating patients on food choices

In today’s time, the majority of people are unaware of the facts about the right food and when they consume veggies, they call it “I am on a diet.” For this, educating the patient about their food choices plays a vital role. You need to include everything but in the set amount and in the right manner. With education, you will make the right decision about what to eat and what not to eat. 

How long does a bone infection take to heal? 

A bone infection takes time to heal, and if treatment is done promptly after encountering it, then it will take 3–4 weeks. The problem arises when it becomes chronic, which takes up to 12 weeks. 

Bone infection is a serious issue, and if it persists longer, it may infect other bones in the line, which may affect your daily routine, mobility, and functioning of the body. For more information regarding the bone infection and persistent pain, you can connect with Dr. Sumitz Clinic, the best orthopaedic clinic in Baner

Dr. Sumitz offers a customised nutrition diet plan for the patient and their best nutrition doctor in Baner has a solution for every problem. From queries to personal guidance, you can get everything from them. 


Nutritional guidance is essential and a bone infection is not a cough or cold, which you can ignore. One thing straight: hire the best nutrition doctor in Pune and get the best nutrition guidance for the best experience. A proper nutritional diet helps your body to empower immunity, heal, and recover from the bone infection without surgery or medication. The right diet can help you reach optimum results and only a proficient nutritionist can help you better. Now, why are you still reading? Book our consultation call now and kickstart your healthy journey.