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Know the most common Physiotherapy Treatments & Techniques!

Know the most common Physiotherapy Treatments & Techniques!

There are different types of techniques used by physiotherapists for treating patients.  Usually, doctors suggest physiotherapy after surgery or during treatment to maintain mobility. Physiotherapy also helps people with several ailments such as arthritis, bad posture, and amputations.  If you are interested in what are the type of physiotherapy treatment and techniques then just keep scrolling to know.

Some most common physiotherapy treatments & techniques are:

Range of Motion Exercises:
Although relaxation is frequently recommended during the early stages of recovery after broken bones or surgery, prolonged immobility can either slow or stop the healing process. As a result, physiotherapists frequently recommend a range of motion exercises to improve movement, joint mobility, and circulation. Muscle atrophy and accompanying postural difficulties can be avoided by moving the afflicted joints and muscles often. ROM exercises are utilized by a variety of healthcare professionals; for example, in personal support worker training, students learn a range of motion strategies to help patients with limited mobility improve their flexibility and preserve their independence.

Soft tissue mobilization
soft tissue mobilization, also known as therapeutic massage, can assist a patient's muscles to relax and reduce swelling in specific regions, making it an appropriate treatment for pain associated with sporting injuries. Soft tissue massage also aids in the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, as well as the reduction of tissue swelling around inflammatory joints.

Electrotherapy is a relatively recent development in the field of energy-based physiotherapy. Electrical stimulation is performed by attaching electrodes to the skin in this type of therapy. The electrodes induce the muscles to shorten, which helps to avoid atrophy. It's excellent for people who have paralysis or a limited range of motion. Electrotherapy can be used with laser and ultrasound therapy to achieve the best results.

Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy
People with desk jobs and elite athletes both complain about sore, tight muscles. If a patient complains of muscular stiffness anywhere on their body, applying heat or ice to the irritated regions may be therapeutic. The use of heated packs or even paraffin wax can be used in heat treatment. Cryotherapy may include the use of an ice pack or an ice massage.

Kinesio Therapy
You must have seen the blue tape often used by physiotherapists Kinesio tape is a terrific approach to stabilize the joints and muscles while the patient is undergoing therapy. It may be placed directly on the skin. Furthermore, because the tape is flexible, it does not interfere with range of motion exercises, making it an ideal tool for stretching and flexing muscles.
Acupuncture and dry needling
Acupuncture and dry needling are used to relieve pain and aid in injury recovery. This therapy is an excellent pain treatment for a short period of time.
Our experts utilize this approach to place small single-use needles at specified spots along the meridian. The energy flow is then redirected and repositioned as a result. Finally, it helps to ease tension and stress.

Sports Physiotherapy
If you are an athlete or your close is an athlete then this portion of the article is for you. Warm-up activities are the first step in the dynamic stretching routine. A general warm-up for a few minutes until you can feel some warmth in your muscles is recommended as part of the ideal pre-exercise regimen. Then, for around 20 to 30 seconds, you do prolonged static stretches.
As a result, the intensity of stretching develops in a graded manner, and you can do bounce-style workouts that mimic the demands of your activity.
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