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Say Goodbye to Joint Pain: How Viscosupplementation Injection Can Help in it

Say Goodbye to Joint Pain: How Viscosupplementation Injection Can Help in it

Sedentary lifestyles, alcohol and smoking consumption, and lack of exercise weaken bones, leading to musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis and knee or joint pain. These joint issues bring drastic, weird experiences into the life of the patient and prevent them from continuing their daily activities. 

Today, the bizarre truth is that these joint pain issues are not only limited to older people, but people who are into sports activities or adults of any age also face these knee or joint pain issues. However, there is good news for them: a viscosupplementation injection has come to your rescue. This advanced medical treatment for osteoarthritis and joint pain effectively relieves the pain in your knee or joint. Dr. Sumitz's orthopedic clinic is now providing the viscosupplementation injection treatment Baner. Here we are sharing how it could benefit the patient to have a pain-free life. 

Here is how a viscosupplementation injection can help you with joint pain.

Viscosupplementation injection is a high-end treatment solution for osteoarthritis, and this new technique is a boon for patients. Here we listed the multiple ways in which viscosupplementation injection treatment in Baner can help you with joint pain: 

  • Lubricatio

Osteoarthritis is a condition of joints where the joints reduce the natural lubrication and bring stiffness, and pain but hyaluronic acid in viscosupplementation injection is a gel-like substance that has viscosity to bring ease in movements. 

  • Shock absorptio

Hyaluronic acid is a thick, gel-like substance that provides cushion to the joint to absorb sudden shocks. This improves joint functioning and acts like a shield that brings ease to your daily activities like walking and jogging. 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

When we experience swelling and inflammation, joint pain becomes unbearable. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of hyaluronic acid provide a pain-free experience and keep inflammation and swelling at bay. 

  • Foster natural healing. 

According to Baner's knee specialist, the hyaluronic acid gel injection promotes the natural production of hyaluronic acid and encourages natural healing in the joints. 

  • Long-lasting pain relief

Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting pain relief by protecting them from shock and also helps to relieve the pain for a longer period. With this long-lasting pain relief, you can bring yourself back to your daily lifestyle. 

  • Anxious, free from medication or surgery

The viscosupplementation injection helps you to keep the worries of regular medication and surgery for knee pain or osteoarthritis at bay and this helps you to make your life way easier with the help of the viscosupplementation injection. 

How long does it take for the hyaluronic acid to work on joints? 

The time it takes for hyaluronic acid to work on joint pain or osteoarthritis depends on multiple factors, including the type of issue, the severity of the issue, age, and other medical concerns. When you visit any orthopaedic clinic in Pune, the knee specialist in Baner will diagnose the situation and then reveal how many doses you need for guaranteed relief from knee pain. 

Many patients have visited the orthopaedic clinic for the viscosupplementation injection treatment in Baner and experienced relief within weeks or after one month. But it extremely varies from person to person, including age and concerns. So, don't make false assumptions, and keep faith in your knee specialist in Baner. 

Who should give a try to a viscosupplementation injection?

Viscosupplementation injection proved its worth and was beneficial for knee or joint pain but precaution is always more important than cure. This knee treatment needs to be done under the supervision of the knee specialist, as well as if the doctor has prescribed this injection. 

This viscosupplementation injection is for patients who are suffering from mild or moderate arthritis. If the patient has a severe level of arthritis, then this viscosupplementation injection is not for them.

Before vs. after viscosupplementation injection 

Here we are going to make you experience the situation before and after the viscosupplementation injection treatment

Before the viscosupplementation 

Before the viscosupplementation injection, the patient might be feeling stiffness in joints and discomfort in the knees and joints. Swelling and inflammation are normal, as a limited range of motion, and the difficulty in performing regular activities. 

After the viscosupplementation 

After the viscosupplementation injection treatment in Baner, the patient starts feeling reduced joint or knee pain, improved range of motion, decreased inflammation, enhanced function, and long-lasting relief. 

So if you want to see this kind of transformation in life, then viscosupplementation joint treatment in Baner is the best place to look. Also, the experienced team at Dr.Sumitz can help you ease your journey. 


With joint or knee pain, the journey of life becomes terrible, and today it is important to eliminate this kind of pain to embrace the happiness in life. Viscosupplementation injection is not magic; there is a science behind it and if you want to experience a pain-free life, then book a consultation with Dr.Sumitz, the viscosupplementation injection treatment provider in Baner.