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8 Rules for a Healthy Back

8 Rules for a Healthy Back

A lot of people are affected by back pain in their daily life. And beyond living with this type of severe pain, this type of situation can reduce the quality of your life, causing you to miss work and social activities that give you pleasure and enable you to complete simple everyday tasks.

In fact, lower back pain is the leading cause of job-related disability. Taking care of your spine - ie your back and neck - will now help you reduce your chances of experiencing back pain later. Many of the steps you take to improve the overall health of your spine are nothing more than practicing better body mechanics, or how you shake yourself and hold it while performing daily tasks and activities.

Take care of your spine

Here are simple and important rules to keep your back healthy:

  1. Exercise regularly:-Exercise is important for muscle strength - and strong back muscles. Help support your spinal column. Wall squats and leg lifts are good for your back, and many yoga poses help to keep your back muscles strong.

  2. Lift Right:- If you do not use the proper form when lifting an object, it is very easy to bend the wrong way and damage your spine. Here's how to lift correctly, Stand as close to the object as possible, and use your legs and knees instead of your back or upper body to pull the item. This will help if you bend your knees so that your arms are at the same height as the item. Keep your head down and back straight. If the item is heavy, do not attempt to lift it yourself - get help.

  3. Do not stand with legs straight:- Keeping your knees straight, keep them "soft". The tension on your spinal column decreases as you stand.

  4. Train your spine muscles every day:- Teach your spinal muscles to support your spinal column. Exercise to keep them strong.

  5. Be active:- If you are not active or physically fit, you are at increased risk of lower back pain. Whether you visit the gym regularly, take a walk, bike, swim or play with your children, staying active and keeping your body moving helps to maintain a healthy spine.

  6. Do sports, especially swimming, running, or cycling:- Many sports provide a good workout seeming to be useless. Exercise by swimming, running, cycling, or engaging in other exercises. Sports that pump your heart and your muscles move.

  7. Stay hydrated: - Staying hydrated is important for maintaining soft tissue elasticity and fluidity in joints. Our intervertebral (spinal cord) discs are vulnerable to hydration loss and can begin to decrease height. As the spinal disc begins to shrink, you become susceptible to painful disc conditions. Herniated discs, also known as slipped or broken discs, occur when fluid loss causes the disc to become brittle and eventually fall out of place.
    A herniated disc is the most common cause of sciatica, a specific type of back pain that radiates to one of the legs. The bulging disc can also sometimes cause sciatica. Furthermore, as the protective padding of the spine decreases, it further contributes to the loss of structural health.

  8. Note any warning signs:- Do not ignore spinal problems or pain. Although back pain is common once in a while, it can indicate a more serious problem. Left untreated, your spine problems can worsen and become quite severe. Listen what your body is telling you. Do not overdo it in the gym or at work, or with self-medication to relieve symptoms. Seek medical care to learn more about your spine and the right treatment for your symptoms.

If you have already tried all these rules and steps and still won’t be able to recover from your back pain then you can Contact us as we are giving services and treatments regarding back pain as well that is very effective.

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