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Treatment Of Shin splint pain

Do you know where will you find the best & effective treatment for your Shin Splint Pain? Dr.SumitZ Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy Center is the place to visit because they provide the best treatment.

The term “shin splints” describes pain felt along the front of your lower leg, at the shin bone. This pain concentrates in the lower leg between the knee and ankle.It is also called as medial tibial stress syndrome.

Shin splints frequently affect people who engage in moderate to heavy physical activity. You may be more likely to develop shin splints if you participate in strenuous physical activities or stop-start sports such as tennis, racquetball, soccer, or basketball.

Sometimes the pain of shin splints can be so intense that you must stop the activity.

People with shin splints will experience some of the following symptoms:

  1. A dull ache in the front part of the lower leg
  2. A dull ache in the front part of the lower leg
  3. Pain on either side of the shin bone muscle pain
  4. Pain along the inner part of the lower leg.
  5. Tenderness or soreness along the inner part of the lower leg
  6. Swelling in the lower leg (usually mild, if present)
  7. Numbness and weakness in the feet.