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Cerebral Palsy Day Special: There is a cure for Cerebral Palsy, but almost nobody knows about it

Cerebral Palsy Day Special: There is a cure for Cerebral Palsy, but almost nobody knows about it

Cerebral palsy is a brain development issue, and this leads to physical abnormalities in kids. This is a prevalent disease worldwide that occurs in 1 in 4 children per 1000 births. The main cause of this disease is brain damage during childbirth. The child born with this kind of abnormality has mobility issues, and their survival is also a question mark.

Kids with this kind of issue are unable to live, eat, or play like normal children and have issues like thinking, vision, swallowing, and communication. Diagnosing this disease early is not possible because this issue occurs during birth. The cure for this disease does not exist, but with the help of physiotherapy and orthopedics, we can enhance their body’s strength and mobility.

Expert orthopedics and physiotherapists at the Dr. Sumitz Clinic revealed that treatment with physiotherapy and orthopedics is a boon for patients with cerebral palsy. With the proper exercises and training of the body parts, we can turn their suffering into pleasure. In the age of technology, nothing is impossible; you only need guidance from the right orthopedic and physiotherapists.

Every year, the 6th of October is recognized as Cerebral Palsy Day, and today we are also highlighting this topic in a well-detailed manner and how physiotherapy can help Cerebral Palsy patients live with ease.


What is the main cause of cerebral palsy?

In the majority of patients, the main cause is still unknown, but it may vary from person to person. Depending upon the patient’s history and during pregnancy and birth, most of the things are involved. However, during diagnosis and evaluation, these are some of the main causes of cerebral palsy that are responsible.

  • Premature birth of a child

  • Brain injuries 

  • Lack of oxygen

  • Any kind of infection in the CNS

  • Heredity issues 

  • Exposure to alcohol

  • Maternal issues 

  • Delivery-related issue

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Diagnosis of major symptoms of cerebral palsy helps to take prompt precautions and connect with the orthopedic clinic in pune and physiotherapist for prompt care.

  • Stiffness in muscles

  • Drooling 

  • Improper mobility 

  • Issues with eating and digestion

  • Weak muscles

  • Lack of coordination

  • Unable to hear and see properly

Types of Cerebral Palsy

There are the following types of cerebral palsy: spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonia, and mixed. These types depend on the affected areas of the patient and predominant movement patterns.

Percentage of children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years with CP 

What are the risk factors for cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy occurs in kids due to the mother, and here are the following major factors that increase the risk of cerebral palsy in babies:

  • Complications during birth

  • Infections, including STIs and rubella

  • Blood type 

  • Multiple births 

  • Fetal Growth Restrictions

  • Infertility issues

  • Maternal heart issues

  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy

  • Stress and anxiety


Physiotherapy's potential benefits for people with cerebral palsy

Kids with cerebral palsy have one side of the body that doesn't function properly like the other. In this situation, proper exercise helps with mobility to some extent. The majority of physiotherapists have changed the lives of cerebral palsy patients through exercises and various modalities.

Physiotherapy is an effective solution for cerebral palsy, and it involves the physical training of the body and encourages mobility and the functioning of parts.


  • Mobility and motor skills

The foremost issues for the patient with CP are improper movement and the functioning of the body parts for motion. During the sessions of physiotherapy, the doctors perform movement-related exercises and gait training. This assists the patient in aligning their flexibility, strength, and coordination of the body parts with the mind.

  • Pain management

Due to stiffness in the joints, lying on the same side of the bed may cause severe pain for the patient. The doctors use a variety of pain management techniques, like hot and cold therapy, to treat this kind of pain in order to provide the patient with relief. During the motion training of the patient, this pain management technique is also needed to bring ease to life.

  • Assistive devices and mobility aids

Due to improper coordination of the body and the mind, motion becomes impossible for the patient. That is why doctors use several assistive devices that assist the patient in proper walking, like walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. These devices are also known as orthotics. Ankle, wrist, and arm braces and heel casts are some of its examples.

  • Postural Training

In cerebral palsy, the posture of the body is also not well balanced, like in a normal person. Due to this reason, the doctors provide postural training, where they correct the posture of the body through training or exercises. The right posture enhances the personality of an individual, aids in digestion and breathing, and prevents the body parts from experiencing pain. This session includes ergonomics, where the experts talk about sitting posture.

  • Speech and swallowing therap

Generally, the patients with cerebral palsy are kids or children, and ill-matured children are unable to speak or swallow at this stage. To make them speak, eat, and take the right action, the physiotherapist plans the session for them. Oral motor activities and breathing are some of the therapies that help them in every possible manner.

  • Enhance motor function

Doctors perform for the patients a few exercises or activities to make their brains understand the movement patterns and muscles needed to get done with daily activities. Consistent practice ensures the brain functions properly and brings the body into the desired motion.

  • Education

Along with the practice and exercises, proper education is also required for the patient to understand the essence of training. Also, identify the root cause of the problem and the best possible rehabilitation program required for the recovery. The more patients who are educated, the more opportunities there will be for recovery.

From where can we get physiotherapy services in Pune?

If you belong to a beautiful place like Pune and want to get physiotherapy services, then Dr. Sumitz is the best orthopedic and physiotherapy baner. With a team of skilled doctors and a well-equipped clinic, we offer reliable and effective health services at a cost-effective price.


For patients with cerebral palsy, it is a challenge to live and survive with abnormalities, but still, the physiotherapist and orthopedic surgeon left no stone unturned to make the situation better or worse. So if your child has any issue with movement or stiffness in bones, then you are most welcome to the clinic of Dr. Sumitz.

FINAL thoughts

Cerebral palsy occurs mostly in 1 in 4 children per 1000 births, but this disease still captures major attention due to its complications. The children also don’t survive longer, and they can’t even live like others. With the help of physiotherapy and orthopedics, at least we can help them stand on their feet. Physiotherapy involves exercises and training to reduce pain, bring motion to joints, and much more. Orthopedics helps improve the structure of bones and add strength and resilience. For these patients, both work like magic wands, but the patient needs patience for results and recovery. In order to get more assistance with this issue, you can connect with us.

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