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Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Sports make you fit and confident about yourself specially for adolescents and kids. It’s an important activity for kids and adolescents. You should maintain your Sports activities regularly. While playing, sometimes you may have some serious injury.However, there are some important injury prevention tips that can help parents promote a safe, optimal play experience for their child.

Injury risk

Ground Injury

There is a risk of injury in all sports. Fortunately, for the vast majority of youth, the benefits of sports participation outweigh the risks. In general, the more contact there is in a game, the greater the risk of a traumatic injury. However, overuse is the cause of most risk factors.

The most common types of sports injuries are sprains (ligaments), stress (muscle injuries), and stress fractures (bone injuries). Injury occurs when excessive stress is put on the tendons, joints, bones and muscles. Let’s take a look as to how to reduce the risk of injury:-

  • Take time:-Plan at least 1 day per week and at least one month per year from training for a particular sport so that the body can recover.
  • Wear the right gear:-Players must wear appropriate and properly fitted protective equipment such as pads (neck, shoulders, elbows, chest, knees, calves), helmets, mouthpieces, face guards, protective cups and eyewear. Young athletes should not assume that protective gear will prevent all injuries when performing more dangerous or risky activities.
  • Muscle strengthening:-Exercising during practices strengthens the muscles used in playing.
  • Take a break:-Short periods during practice and games can reduce injuries and prevent heart disease.


Sports-related emotional stress


Winning pressure can cause significant emotional stress for a child. It is sad to know, that many coaches and almost all parents consider winning the most important aspect of sports. Athletes who work hard on the field should be considered and judged for their performances and hardwork. They should be rewarded for working hard and improving their skills rather than punishment or criticism for missing a game or competition. The main motive should be fun and learn lifelong physical activity skills.

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