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How do I know if my back pain is serious? Dr. Sumitz's back pain treatment clinic is here to help

How do I know if my back pain is serious? Dr. Sumitz's back pain treatment clinic is here to help

In this hustling life, we mostly overlook the minor pains, but some persistent pain can be serious. As per the doctors, 9 in 10 patients absolutely don’t know the cause, and this may lead to a severe issue. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and loss of cartilage are some of the issues that take birth in the meantime and are challenging to get treated effortlessly.

Are you looking for a permanent solution to back pain treatment? With the assistance of an expert doctor at the Dr. Sumitz clinic for back pain treatment baner, you can kickstart your breakthrough journey.

Before heading towards the orthopedic clinic in Pune, take a glimpse at the red flags that you should not overlook if your lower back pain is serious or not. 

An orthopedic surgeon in Baner has suggested the following points: if you find this, don’t wait for a long time.

The back is the foundation of the body, and it helps to normalize daily activity. Along with that, it helps in making decisions, coordination, and various other system activities for effective well-being.

The causes of back pain can be numerous, like poor posture, prolonged sitting issues, improper lifting, overactivity, fractures, and any kind of sprain. During household chores or while working in an office, the sudden jerk and lack of motion result in back pain issues. Along with that, don’t overlook these signs that we are mentioning below.

  • Pain lasts more than four weeks

If the back pain persists for more than four weeks, then you should consult with your orthopedic surgeon in Baner right away.

  • Pain, mainly at night

After whole-day activity, once you lay down on the bed for sound slumber but the back pain knocks you off for a whole night, then it is time to visit an orthopaedic clinic as soon as possible.

  • Weakness or numbness

Pain costs a lot to the human body, and it disturbs the overall mental and physical equilibrium. The back pain can also cause weakness and numbness to continue the daily activity effortlessly.

  • Nerve compression down the legs

The pain radiates down from the back to below the knee, then results in nerve compression that leads to an instant visit to the orthopaedic clinic.

  • Severe pain with sitting and lying down on the bed

Back pain takes a toll on the human body, and consistent pain can make sitting and slumbering more difficult so that a patient can stay awake the whole night.

What are the treatments for persistent back pain?

Back pain can occur at any age, and that is why it is important to choose treatments that will affect the human body in the future. As per the orthopedic doctor in Pune, physiotherapy is the most efficacious treatment for back pain.

Physiotherapy treatment is effective for people of all ages, and once the doctor diagnoses the situation, they proceed with the number of sessions needed for better relief. In their sessions, there are multiple therapies that a patient is going through, like:

  • Joint mobilization 

  • Cold or heat therapy

  • Posture education 

  • Electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, and TENS

  • Traction

  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques

The sessions are based on the situation and severity of the back pain. The physitoehrapist never makes a quick decision, and they assess the situation with the cooperative efforts of the orthopedic doctor and then recommend further

On the other hand, the other effective method for back pain treatment is medication. Once you visit the orthopedic surgeon in Pune, he will examine the situation and then advise on some of the effective medicines that help the patient relieve pain.

To get this whole process done in an efficacious manner, patients must research the top orthopedic doctors in Pune who are reliable and have also examined this kind of situation before with patients. The expert orthopedic listens to the patient with a cautious mind and assesses the overall situation and its origin point.

Avoid bone or joint surgery or replacement treatment at an early stage, or if the situation is not severe, because once it is done, it takes time to recover fully and also requires effort to put on a pedestal of good health.

Wrapping Up!

Back pain is the most common issue, but make sure it does not last longer than four weeks. Understanding the causes and the timely treatment is needed to avoid any other severe bone and joint issues. Bones and joints are the foundation of the human body, and it is necessary to seek assistance from the right orthopedic doctor in Pune to make them healthy and strong.

Dr.Sumitz Clinic is a renowned orthopedic clinic in Pune, and they have been assisting the majority of the patients with back pain treatment. So if you are someone who is wondering about the most effective solutions for your back pain, then visit the clinic or book an appointment. Don't let the back pain take a toll.