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Healthy Nutrition To Maintain Joints

Healthy Nutrition To Maintain Joints

Do you know that your bones and joints remains healthy only when you eat clean healthy nutrition.

Of course, there is no single food cure - all to support joint health. Exercising, eating a balanced diet and generally taking care of yourself play an important role in moving your joints freely. Here are some foods to include in your diet.

Super Oatmeal

Whole grains such as super oatmeal are associated with lower levels of inflammation. Refined grains such as white flour have the opposite effect.

While work-out helps strengthen bones and muscles, it also puts pressure on the joints. Eating for exercise is not only about promoting activity, but also eating for recovery and healing. Instead of grabbing a pop-tart or biscuit with cheese and sausage, grab the oatmeal with fruits and nuts and yogurt.

Other Food Options:- Quinoa, Barley, Wheat bran, Granola and Brown Rice.


Curcuma is a chief in Indian food. It is rich in a chemical called curcumin. One study found that extracts of curcumin work side-by-side with ibuprofen in reducing knee pain and pain. If you are not used to using Curcuma directly, then use curry powder; Curcuma is that which gives characteristic orange color.

Other Food options:- Cinnamon powder has anti-inflammatory properties which is good for health.


Hazelnuts contain many nutrients that combat inflammation, including omega-3 fatty acids. Keep in mind that hazelnuts and other nuts are good for you, but they also contain a lot of calories; So limit yourself to a handful in a day.

Other Food Options:- Flax seeds are best as they also include Omega 3 acids.


Broccoli and other green vegetables are rich in nutrients that are associated with joint health, including the antioxidant beta-carotene and vitamin C. These are an excellent source of calcium, which helps keep your bones strong.

Other food options:- Collard Greens

Canned Salmon

Salmon may not be the first food for strong bones, but nutritionist says that canned salmon with bones is particularly good to consider.

It contains calcium and vitamin D which helps in keeping your bones strong. Salmon also contains omega-3, which helps reduce inflammation.

Substitutes:- Low or no-fat plain yogurt or milk, which has high amounts of both calcium and vitamin D. For omega-3s try other naturally oily fish, such as trout or sardines.

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