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Do you know where will you find the best cure for your Neck & Back Pain? Dr.SumitZ Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy Center is the place to visit because they provide the best Neck & Back pain treatment with the best team of expertise Doctors. Many people also experience issues due to prolonged stress or heavy lifting. The repetitive motions and impact of sports can cause back pain, but lack of exercise can also weaken muscles and make them more susceptible to injury.

Pain in the back may be linked to a medical condition that requires a doctor’s diagnosis. Back pain can have anatomic causes, such as scoliosis or weak core muscles. As the body ages, troublesome disc issues are more likely to occur as the soft matter bulges and presses on nerves, causing disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis.

If you are facing issues with your Neck & Back, then all you need to do is just visit Dr.SumitZ Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy Center. We will heal your pain with our expertise team of Doctors.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assists people to restore, maintain and maximize their strength, function, movement, and overall well-being. The terms "physiotherapy" and "physical therapy" mean the same thing and are used interchang...