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How can we increase bone density after 60 years of age?

How can we increase bone density after 60 years of age?

As per the expert orthopaedic doctor, the normal bone density of every male and female is from -1 to +1. But as lifestyle changes and age increases, bone density gets deprived. This leads to a lack of mobility and improper functioning of the body parts. The bones also get older as time passes, and every day the bones also need power-boosting stuff that heals, recovers, and brings new life. 

What are those power-boosting ways and foods? Well, if you want to know more about it, then this is the time to check the blog and read further to learn more in-depth about it. The industry experts, including the best orthopaedic doctor in Pune, are sharing their thoughts and hope it will be a great help for you.

Here are the following recommendations that you need to keep in mind as per the best orthopaedic doctor

As per the orthopaedic expert, bone density gradually loses as age fades. To avoid osteoporosis-like bone conditions, follow the general recommendations for a better bone health experience. 

  • Weight-bearing exercise

This is recommended advice: an individual should practice weight-bearing exercises to maintain their body weight and bone strength. Some of the common weight-bearing exercises are jogging, dancing, resistance training, and walking. 

  • Strength training

When stress is put on our bones through any kind of activity, it promotes bone density. This happens when an individual takes an active part in strength-training exercises. 

  • Proper vitamin and calcium consumption

Bones are the foundation of overall body structure, and it is crucial to consume vitamin C, D, and calcium in a balanced amount. From fruits and vegetables, consume the necessary amount of these nutrients daily to avoid any kind of deficiency. 

  • Balance diet

A balanced diet contains vitamins, minerals, necessary fats, carbohydrates, Omega 3, and much more. Every day, proper intake of a balanced diet fulfils the requirements of the body. A balanced diet allows you to stay active and never feel fatigued during daily activities. 

  • Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol contain toxic elements that can be harmful to your health. Seasonal or regular, this kind of consumption is injurious to bone health and the overall body in every way. 

  • Bone density testing and medicine recommendations

Regular monitoring of the bone density by an authorised orthopaedic clinic will give you a gist about a particular situation. With the appropriate testing and medicines, you can improve your bone health. 

  • Hormone replacement therapy

In the body, there are many functions that rely on hormones and their functioning. Hormone replacement therapy improves hormonal disorders and hormones in the body.

At what age can’t you increase bone density? 

Increasing bone density depends on multiple factors, including age, genetics, diet, physical activity, and hormonal balance. As per the orthopaedic expert, there are the following points that we need to consider:

  • Peak bone mass

Bone mass is another factor that can’t be overlooked, along with bone density. Due to changes in diet, unhealthy habits, and some medicines, bone mass starts decreasing. After 20 and 30 years of age, bone mass gets reduced and that is why it is necessary to focus on a proper diet. 

  • Daily lifestyle

90% of issues occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle routine so if you are someone who is willing to bring transformation to your bone density, then this is the time to bring about a change in lifestyle. The daily necessary changes will improve the bone density of your body. 

  • Avoiding excess alcohol and smoking

The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes may ruin the overall lifestyle cycle and hormonal balance. Hence, it is crucial to avoid the consumption of excess alcohol and smoking if you are willing to raise your bone density. 

  • Prefer weight-bearing exercises

To regain bone density after 60 years of age, it is crucial to give priority to weight-bearing exercises for better mobility and functioning. You can consult with the physiotherapy doctor for the best suitable exercises as per your age. Because not every time you can kick the football, it is necessary to understand your preference, diet, and pre- and post-exercise regime. 

  • Consultation

Every body type is different and every physiotherapist and orthopaedic doctor in Pune understands this concern. Hence, if you are facing bone density deprivation, then learn more about its causes with the physician. Regular consultation regarding the ongoing health issues and examining the best ways to boost the bone density number. 

What is the best food to increase bone density?

As per the nutritionist in Pune, he has suggested the best foods that you should consume if you are willing to increase bone density.

  • Dairy products 
  • Green leafy vegetables 
  • Tofu, canned sardines, and nuts, especially chia seeds and almonds 
  • Fatty fish like salmon and tuna 
  • Cereals and oranges 
  • Sunlight exposure 
  • Vitamin K, magnesium, and protein-containing foods 

If you are still confused and want to know more about the foods for bone density, then this is the time to book a consultation with our best nutritionists in Pune. 

Who is the best orthopaedic surgeon who can help with bone density? 

Bone is the foundation of the body, and if you want to make your bones strong, then it is crucial to regularly check the bone density, bone strength, and overall body calculation. Also, if you have any issues, then this is the time to take a brief consultation with the best orthopaedic clinic in Pune to get the most out of it. Dr. Sumitz is the best go-to place for all your musculoskeletal needs. 


Bone density is an important metric that we can’t overlook but it naturally declines as age goes down. After taking the necessary steps and considering health, lifestyle, and diet in mind, we can increase bone mass and density. Kickstart the journey with the right assistance and bring back the life that you always wanted to live.