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Connection Between your Mental Health and Joint Health

Joint Pain is often related to injuries or sometimes aging factor plays a role. There is another factor that is often overlooked by people that is mental health issues. Yes, you heard that right!

Your mental health and physical health are closely connected. Depression, Anxiety, chronic stress, and other emotional disorders can make your physical health Imbalance. Even some studies have found that your physical health, chronic pain can be highly associated with a higher level of stress along with your increased level of cortisol, (cortisol is the stress hormone of the human body).

No need to panic there are certain ways that you can control it. You just need to practice stress relief techniques and stress management methods.  It will not only help you to manage your chronic pain but also help you with daily functions and mood.

Here are some effective ways, you can restore your mental health and ease your chronic pain:

Stretch and Practice Yoga to Feel More Relaxed

Yoga has been the most effective way to ease your mind and mental stress whereas stretching will help you eliminate joint pain because along with increasing your flexibility, it widens your range of motion. Practicing yoga stimulates blood flow to your muscles making you more active physically and mentally.

Also, normal body aches like neck pain and back pain are most likely to be eliminated if you are practicing yoga daily. Yoga is most importantly good for people with chronic stress, it makes you feel light and refreshed.

Meditate to Clear Your Mind

Meditation is one of the best exercises that helps in clearing the mind and provides you peace internally. If you keep worrying about the future or get upset by something that had happened in the past. When you sit in a quiet room, you release pressure on yourself to complete tasks. That’s why meditation is so important.

You can perform meditation by sitting alone in a room by humming, chanting, doing breathing exercises, yoga, or listening to a guided meditation. You can find a lot of free guided meditation audios on the internet that will enhance your meditation experience.

Massage Joints for Increased Blood Flow

Massage is extremely helpful in eliminating joint pain, its benefits are both emotional and physical. For it increases your blood flow, releases muscle tension, and enhances mobility of joints.

Getting a massage makes a good impact on mental health too. You must take some time out to pamper yourself with some good massage.

Combine Mental & Physical health

Eliminating Stress is so important for joint pain. By performing stress relief techniques more often you’ll more relaxed and calm. When your emotions are in a better state eventually you will feel better physically as well.

And if you combine stress relief techniques with orthopedic treatments like physical therapy or surgery. Most likely, you feel a drastic change in your mental and physical activities. At Dr. Sumitz's clinic, you will find the best orthopedic surgeons and professionals for your physical therapy. Dr. Sumit is the best physiotherapist who has handled thousands of critical cases.




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