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Physiotherapy helps Muscle Strains

Physiotherapy helps Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are something that can happen to anyone at any time. Every year thousands of patients rely on Physiotherapists to overcome injuries, alleviate pain. But still there lingers a confusion about how physiotherapy actually works and how effective it is in case of muscle strain.

Let’s look at some ways and understand how effectively it works.

Common Location for Muscle Strains

Although muscle strains can occur anywhere in the body of course some parts are more vulnerable than others, like in our lower body hamstring, quadriceps, calf, and groin muscles, and in our upper body, the most vulnerable areas are the biceps and the rotator cuff.

How Does Physiotherapy Works for an Injury?

Physiotherapy starts with an assessment, basically, how did you get that injury or muscle pain and afterward examining to check the severity level. Muscles strains are segregated on the basis of degree level 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, it is necessary to establish a treatment plan.

After a thorough examination of the injury, your physiotherapists will create a treatment plan to address the severity of the injury and long- term recovery plan to avoid any reoccurrence.

The physiotherapist will then start your treatment by choosing the method that suits best your injury. Some common methods used by physiotherapists for muscle pain are:

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Heat and Ice

This method is useful in terms of alleviating pain and swelling, by heating up the tissue blood flow is increased in the area which helps in reducing pain, and the icing is proven to decrease inflammation and swelling.

Therapeutic Taping

There are several times when physiotherapist uses Tapes to help patient get back to full speed. Because Tape provides compression and support and can also help in relaxing the affected muscles.

Stretching & Exercises

Muscle tightness likely occurs after an injury that affects the muscle’s ability to move. By assisting in exercises and stretching that are beneficial for your exercises, because stretching and exercises help in loosening the muscle and in regaining mobility.

Strengthening Exercises

The most crucial part is re-gain the same strength and ensuring muscle safety at the same time. The physiotherapist directs and assists you in strengthening exercises and ensures safe progress of healing. Eventually, all these exercises will help you gain strength and mobility and you will get back to work sooner. For more help, you can always contact Dr. Sumit, who is an experienced physiotherapist.

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