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Ways to prevent Neck pain & Back caused by using mobile phone

Change Your Life, Change Your Habits


Nowadays, most of us are glued to smartphones. And even though they can help us be more productive and enhance the quality of our lives, they can also be a major source of distraction.

Despite the amazing benefits, it’s becoming more and more obvious that most people have no control over their smartphone use — negatively impacting their physical and mental health. Neck pain and back pain are some common problems that occur from overusing phones. Bad posture is often a major cause behind it.

Follow these steps if are continuously facing Neck Pain & Back Pain, these measures will help in providing some relief:

Ways to Prevent Neck Pain and Back Pain caused by mobile phones

Straighten up

Maintaining an upright posture and proper neck alignment will decrease the load and the amount of work our neck and shoulder muscles have to do in order to keep our heads up.

Look Forward

Bring the device up to eye level. This will minimize the bend in your neck and maintain optimal spine posture. If your device is below eye level, look down with your eyes rather than your neck.

Posture Check

Make an effort to maintain the curve in your low back when sitting and using your device. If you need to use your device for a long period of time, try to find a supportive chair and a surface to rest your arms on Break Time

Take frequent micro-breaks to move/stretch your neck and back. Limit your device use to 20-minute sessions. Consider making a phone call rather than spending long-time texting.

Tips to Decrease your Screen-Time

 Turn Off Your Notifications

One of the easiest changes to regain control over your focus is to turn the notifications from email, instant messaging, and other apps off. Notifications and alerts are made to pull your attention away from what you are doing so you grab your phone again.

Therefore, at the bare minimum, make sure your alerts and notifications are off when you’re working on your most important tasks. This way, you can direct all of your focus and energy towards working productively.

Change the Location of Your Apps

In many cases, I find myself on certain apps without even realizing it. This shows how automatic my phone use is. Often, it’s not a conscious decision to visit a specific app, but rather a habitual, automatic motion.

One way to counter this is by regularly changing the location of your apps. In the first few days, you’ll probably click where the app used to be. This only shows you how much of an automatic habit most of our smartphone use is.

Calm Your Mind

Dopamine when releases into the brain, a chemical that creates feelings of pleasure. It's an essential part of our brain's rewards system, which is why it's also gets blamed for addiction.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, and other mindfulness activities have been proven to create a natural release of dopamine, reducing the craving from the dopamine rushes your phone provides.

Never ignore conditions like Neck Pain and Back Pain, in long term, it will exaggerate and not only decrease your productivity but also severely impact your health negatively. If are dealing with these problems then you can always visit us or book a session via contact us. For information follow us on Instagram and Facebook.