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How to eat Healthy while staying away from home? What Nutritionist suggests.

We all are easily tempted by fast food especially when there are so many tasty options available and everyone around you is chowing down on that food. I know it is not possible to ignore and control those screaming urges inside your head, each time.

But eating too much fast food can bring your body down and lead to several consequences like mental functioning, emotional well-being, energy, strength, and especially weight.

So, what to do? I would say choose! Like, choose the food with fewer calories for example: instead of eating pizza go for a grilled chicken sandwich or salad, come on salads are tasty too!

Here are some tips that help in making a wise choice.

Following are some that you must keep in mind.

  • Go for balance:

    Eat meals that contain a balance of lean proteins like add veggies and fruits, whole grains (like whole-wheat bread & brown rice), and if you are a non-vegetarian add fish and chicken.

  • Watch portion sizes:

    Average people tend to eat double or triple whenever eating at a party or restaurant, which is unhealthy for an obvious reason.

  • Drink water or low-fat milk:

    Avoid regular sodas, soft drinks, sweet teas, juices, and any other sugary drinks.

Tips for eating at a Restaurant

Here are some restaurant tips:

Generally, restaurant portions are bigger than what we usually eat. Go for half portions or share it with your friend.

  • Use salsa and mustard oil instead of mayonnaise or oil.
  • Choose no fat or low-fat milk instead of shakes.
  • Order baked, broiled, or grilled (not fried) lean meats including turkey, chicken, seafood, or steak.
  • Choose fresh fruit instead of high-calorie-oriented Desserts.

But still, if you crave something unhealthy try to eat a smaller portion or try to share it with a friend. Don't put off eating until you're so hungry you could inhale everything in sight. Set a time to eat, then stop what you're doing to take a break, sit down, and savor the food you are eating.

All these tips will help you strengthen your bones and help in leading a healthy life. For more tips on how to keep your bones and joints healthy click on this link and find out.

If you need more help from a nutritionist or pediatrics then contact Dr. Pradnya Jagtap. For more information visit