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Tips to keep your knees Healthy as you Age

Knees are most prone to injuries, like it is said people of all ages have faced some kind of knee pain. Being the largest joint in the Human Body, it is used heavily in jogging, running, climbing and jumping and thus exposed to pain and injuries. When this happens, you must see an orthopaedic because normal wear and tear of tissues is inevitable but at least we can get proper treatment.

Maintain a healthy weight

Excess weight places tremendous pressure on your knees. For every extra weight you put on, the knees will have four times more pressure on them. So, it became very important to maintain a healthy diet especially if you are ageing. If you want to learn about how to maintain a healthy diet then click on this link.

Keep Moving

Indulge yourself in some physical activities regularly it helps in maintaining joint function along with strength and range of motion in the knees. It is always better to warm up before any activity like running or jumping it will prevent strains. And if you don’t run on successive days, try to run every other day.

Strengthen the muscles that support your knees

Developing strong thigh muscles- especially the quadriceps, hamstring and abductors improves your range of motion. A professor at the University of Montana School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences said, doing squats and lunges twice a week will strengthen and protect your knees. For more, you can always take the help of Dr. Varun, he holds expertise in this field.

Perfect your Posture

People often slouch and get more stopped as they get older, which is an unhealthy lifestyle. Because poor posture puts additional stress on the muscles especially on your knees and hips. Perform core strengthening exercises such as planks and back extensions that will help in improving postures and prevent irritation under and around the kneecaps, and help you avoid falling.

Choose the right Shoes

An assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Cincinnati says that wearing comfortable shoes promotes proper alignment of the joints in your lower extremities. And if you are purchasing shoes for exercise, try buying the one that is exclusively made for exercising and running and the second thing is to try avoiding wearing it whenever you can because it puts extra pressure on your knees.

For more help related to bones and muscles, or if you need any help from a Physiotherapist or Orthopaedic. Visit our website or contact us, we are happy to help you always!